Transactional Analysis (TA)

Transactional Analysis (TA) is both a theory of human personality and a system for the improvement of human relations. Its application to everyday living provides a systematic approach to understanding the links between human needs and behaviors. This workshop is exclusively adapted to meed the needs of individuals interested in enhancing their relationships and leading a better life. TA provides a comprehensive model to understand behavioral patterns, communication, attitudes, conflict management, and life span development for better living.

This workshop will be conducted in a fun-filled participative methodology of TA Training, covering

  • Structural Analysis
  • Transactional Analysis Proper
  • Functional Analysis
  • Stroke
  • Ego gram etc.

Participants will learn the key concept of TA and how to apply them in their personal and professional lives to develop

  • Communication skills for excellence in human relations
  • Motivation skill for excellence in emotional intelligence
  • Stress Management skill for excellence in working together
  • Assertiveness skills for excellence in personal development and
  • Problem Solving skills for excellence in decision making